Chefs Nick Balla and Cortney Burns of Bar Tartine

Co-Chefs Cortney and Nick manage the kitchen of Bar Tartine in San Francisco. The food at this celebrated Mission district restaurant is hard to classify, except to say it relies heavily on local produce and the strong vision of its chefs towards layering bold flavors with powerful simplicity. Ingredients are painstakingly made in house. Aged cheeses, spices, koji, and bottarga to name a few, are all processed at the restaurant and form the foundation on which the constantly evolving menu is built. The menu at Bar Tartine is a celebration of diverse traditional flavors presented with a modern, post-regional generosity. A dinner might consist of flavors from Jutland, Hokkaido and Budapest within the same meal- the whole seeming utterly familiar. Varied whole grains and the use of fermentation inform the food, as well as the innovative natural leavened breads baked on premise daily by owner/baker Chad Robertson.


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